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Bali Handara Golf

The Bali Handara Golf & Country Club Resort, ranked by GOLF Magazine among the "Top 50 Greatest Golf Courses in the World" attracts golfers from all corners of the world to travel to Bali in order to play golf at one of Asia's most iconic and "World-Class" golf courses.

Bali Handara Golf & Country Club Resort is located in the central highlands of Bali and is nestled down inside the crater of a dormant volcano at an altitude of almost 1,200 meters (almost 4,000 feet) above sea level. The resort is surrounded by lush green mountains, crater lakes and an equatorial rain forest that creates dramatic backdrops for approach shots into the well maintained creeping bentgrass greens.

Another unique characteristic of this world-renowned golf resort is the year round coolness of the fresh mountain air (14-24 C); which will make for a pleasantly comfortable round of golf at this 18-hole championship golf course.

Down memory lane…


Ibnu Sutowo, known as the father of Golf in Indonesia, started building Bali Handara Country Club to share his passion of Golf and to provide employment for the local community. The stunning 18 Holes Golf Course was designed by five times British Open Champion, Peter Thomson, with his design associates, Michael Wolveridge and Ronald Fream.


Open Door

After two years of construction Bali Handara Country Club opened its door to welcome golfers from around the world, including many high-ranking officials and head of states from different countries.


Magnificent View, Cool Climate and Well-Kept Greens

For its magnificent view, cool climate and well-kept greens, Golf Magazine Selection Committee voted Bali Handara Country Club as one of the Top 50 Greatest Courses in The World.


Joint Venture

Bali Handara Country Club formed a joint venture with Kosaido Club Japan and the move strengthen Bali Handara’s position in the Japanese market. The name then was changed into Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club.



At the end of the partnership with Kosaido, the establishment was re-branded. It was then named Bali Handara Golf & Country Club

Front Nine

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Hole 1

This starting hole is a dogled left with O.B, along the left side. A fairway bunker at 225 yards challengers the straight shot. The fairway to the right before the cross ditch at 275 yards. Casuarinas on both the right / left side of the fairway mark 150 yards, from the center of the green. The large green (430 m3) is protected by sand traps on the right and has a deceptively down hill pitch to the front of the green. The green is generally soft and is cut to an average stip meter reading of 8,5

Tips on How to Play This Hole Hit a big draw off the tee around the dog leg left or a shorter shot down the middle without going all the way through the fairway into the rough. Approach the green from the left side of the fairway for the best angle and to avoid the bunkers to the right.

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Hole 2

Number two is a nice par three with O.B on the left and jungle on the right. The line the trap at left center in front of the green is generally good. The green slopes left to the right with sand to the right.

Tips on How to Play This Hole Straight is good but if you miss to the left you might kick off the hillside onto the green.

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Hole 3

Rates # 1 dificulty a dream or a nightmare. OB wide left and a meandering Large slat green protected right front by Bunkers. Requires a good drive and a creek along the right side cutting across the right dogleg to the left side of the green. Good second shoot.

Tips on How to Play This Hole Play an accurate fade off the tee, a strong shot a little left can be OB and a slice will put you in the hazard to your right. For your second shot you`ll have a choice of two fairways and the one to the right might be a safer choice.

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Hole 4

A nice, straight down hill par three, O.B, to the left and bunkers guarding the left front, right front and back of the large green.

Tips on How to Play This Hole The green is deep with bunkers in front left and right so don`t be short off the tee.

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Hole 5

Straight foreward uphill par four with one fairway bunkers left center at 200 yards. Extremly treacherous two tiered green with one bunker to the right.

Tips on How to Play This Hole Pay close attention to the pin placement; be aware that this green is very steep and that a misjudged shot or putt can even roll off the green.

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Hole 6

Downhill par 4 with a magnetic bunker at 250 yards left of center. A ditch crosses the fairway about 50 yards in front of the green. Traps are left front an right. The green dips to the right and to the front.

Tips on How to Play This Hole A tee shot that fades to the right side of the fairway is a nice way to avoid the fairway bunker and tall grass on the left.

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Hole 7

Straight uphill with a deep bunker left center at about 200 yards. Large green trapped left front an dright rear. Trickey green sloping right and front.

Tips on How to Play This Hole Approaching this green from the right side of the fairway will give you the best angle of attack.

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Hole 8

From a tree box surrounded by lilys, Azaleae and yellow bonsai flowers, the fairway slopes away on a dogleg right around a deep depression. The large green is guarded on the left front by sand. This green is normally very hard and hard to hold.

Tips on How to Play This Hole A fade off the tee is good, straight is OK but don`t be greedy and slice into the hazard on the right. This green is not deep and it can be difficult to hold your approach shot on the green, you might consider rolling onto the green.

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Hole 9

A beautiful uphill, slightdogleg left par 5, large bunker at 250 yards on the eight side. Best shot – over the right side of the tall trees on the left side of the fairway. For left side is O.B. (Driving range) One fairway bunker lies about 75 yards from the green on the left side. The green is well protected on the left front and right rear, large green dips severely to the front – very fast.

Tips on How to Play This Hole A draw off the tee is good, straight is fine but not so strong that your in the rough or bunker. Play the right side of the fairway and try to place your approach shot directly below the pin.

Back Nine

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Hole 10

Nice, staight downhill shot. Sthay on the left side – avoid the large trees on the right side. Very large green guarded on the left front and right by sand traps, two tiered green dipping to the front and right.

Tips on How to Play This Hole Place an accurate tee shot in the fairway. A drive to the left might be lost, to the right is OK but you`ll be snookered by the tree in front of you.

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Hole 11

A slightly downhill par three between two beautiful sepatudia trees approxsimately 50 yards, off the tee box. Large greeen bunkered both left and right front. The green dips slightly towards the lake.

Tips on How to Play This Hole A draw or straight ball is good here to help stay clear of the big tree on your left.

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Hole 12

A very wide, straight, downhill fairway. A drive to the center or slightly left is bestto open up the green. Bunkers left and right front protec the green. The green is very generous and dips slightly to the front.

Tips on How to Play This Hole Keep your drive in the fairway and you`ll be in a good position for your approach shot and then have a good chance of making birdie.

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Hole 13

Slightly uphill, with 3 bunkers guarding the left center and right side. Green slants to the front and right.

Tips on How to Play This Hole The fairway bunkers are strategically located, fly over the center bunker or stay just right of it.

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Hole 14

A very heavily bunkered green, dipping steeply towards the lake describes this hole. Deep bunkers on the left and on the right make an accurate shot very desirable.

Tips on How to Play This Hole The two greenside bunkers on the left are a lot deeper than the one on the right.

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Hole 15

A bautiful, downhill par 5 with sand trap hazards within driving distance of the tee. A good seconds shots can reach the green. A shorts second shot will catch the bunkers 30 yards directly front of the green. The green is also protected by a sand tarp on the right side.

Tips on How to Play This Hole If you have a bad lie consider a lay up before the creek; your approach shot can fly over the center bunker that is just in front of the green or you might run your ball up the fairway on the right side.

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Hole 16

An elevated tee box overlooking a downhill left sloping fairway make this a beautiful driving hole. A large depression on the right side is a hazard for slices. The second shot to the green is uphill and guarded on the left by green side bunkers. The green slopes saverely to the front left and is always a challenge to the best of golfers.

Tips on How to Play This Hole Place your tee shot to the left side of the fairway, don`t flirt with the crater hazard on the right. Run your approach shot up the right side of the fairway. Identify the pin placement and stay below it.

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Hole 17

This hole is the longest par 4 on the course. Although straight forward, a trap at 200 yards and the O.B along the left side encourage straight drives. The green dips deceptively to the right, and right side is guarded by sand traps.

Tips on How to Play This Hole For the tee and approach shots the left side of the fairway is OK, the ball will roll down to the right.

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Hole 18

The longest, and possibility the most beautiful hole on the course. The elevated tee box gives a perfect view of Lake Buyan to the back and the greens fairway leading to the club house, (hard to best). The drive is trapped on right center and the left side is O.B. Fairway traps at 150 yards from the green are to be avoided. The large green dips steeply to the front and is trapped on the right front and is trapped on the right and right front side. The perfect end to the perfect day.

Tips on How to Play This Hole Make sure your second shot you can fly over the center bunker, lay up in front of it or hit into the fairway on the right. The green is steep and deep and there is OB to the left.

Bali Handara Golf Course Technical Info:

Bali Handara Golf & Country Club's course is a Par 72 course with a total yardage of:

  • Championship Tee 6983 yards / 6395 m | Course Rating 73.6 / Slope Rating 139
  • Men's Tee 6407 yards / 5859 m | Course Rating 70.8 / Slope Rating 128
  • Ladies Tee 5698 yards / 5211 m | Course Rating 72.6 / Slope Rating 131

Front Nine

HOLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT
PAR 5 3 4 3 4 4 4 4 5 36
Handicap 9 17 1 15 5 13 7 11 3 -
Championship (Yd) 475 186 435 191 390 438 375 404 538 3432 yd 3138 m
Men (Yd) 458 175 395 183 384 411 325 374 464 3169yd 2898 m
Ladies (Yd) 404 153 329 159 309 353 302 337 437 2784yd 2546 m

Back Nine

HOLE 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN TOTAL
PAR 4 3 4 4 3 5 4 4 5 36 72
Handicap 8 18 14 4 16 10 2 12 6 - -
Championship (Yd) 408 187 381 422 203 533 427 424 566 3551 yd 3247 m 6983 yd 6395 m
Men (Yd) 366 177 364 370 170 499 393 400 499 3238 yd 2961 m 6407 yd 5859 m
Ladies (Yd) 333 152 342 340 139 437 363 362 446 2914 yd 2665 m 5698 yd 5211 m
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