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Non Golfing Activities

Be submersed in the exotic history behind traditional Balinese cuisine. Shop for ingredients at the local market, visit a local organic farm and cook up a feast of popular dishes such as sate lilit, tuna sambal and chicken curry. Vegetarian & vegan menus are also available.
Warning to chocoholics: this chocolate factory may cause excessive drooling! From vegetables to sea salt & raw organic cocoa, Big Tree Farms is the world’s first sustainable chocolate factory. This cocoa haven offers scrumptious tours where you are able to see cocoa beans turning into chocolate bars PLUS sample the goodies created by Balinese artisans! Products are available to buy at the end of the tour in their chocolate café.
Hot yoga is designed to work every part of the body inside & out. The 90minute classes will strengthen you both physically & mentally. Bikram & Vinyasa sessions available. Classes every day. Please view their website for class time schedule jiwabikram.com Towel hire 20,000 rupiah – Mat hire 10,000 rupiah
Perfect for those who have never surfed before, or have tried it a few times but never really gotten the hang of it. You will get guidance from our instructors who make sure that you avoid the typical mistakes. A great beginning to your life of surfing! The ocean is your classroom.
These boats are specially built with a pane of glass at the bottom that acts as a mask under the water. Allowing non-swimmers to experience the underwater scene! As the boat glides over the reef, you’ll be able to view in detail the fish, corals and other marine life in their natural habitat. You can even take photos and feed the fish, all from the safety of the boat.
Ride the rapids of the beautiful Telaga Waja River. Enjoy the picturesque scenery of the rain forest, waterfalls & stone cliffs. Crew with friendly fully trained guides. Certified Australian and international equipment. The rapids are not extreme, just enough to boost your adrenalin!

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